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  • Brianna Arriaga

    Or "carry on my wayward son" without thinking of supernatural!

  • Allyson Manning

    His little "music video" always pops in my head! <3

  • Laurie Garn

    True story! You know Supernatural changed your life when...

  • Evangelia T.

    You know supernatural changed your life when you can't hear 'Eye of the tiger' without thinking of Jensen Ackles #SPNFamily

  • Michelle Ireland

    Eye of the Tiger - Jensen Ackles - Supernatural... so true.

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Wait for it....just wait.



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Hehe one of the best episodes!

Is this how they get supernatural episodes? Lol just a normal Supernatural episode for you man I am in love with this show


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Oh Cas..

As Charlie would say, "Peace out, bitches."

This is my favorite gif of Sammy. Ever.

Dean & Sam Winchester

Supernatural opposites

Jensen, having troubles. He needs to have clothing issues more often lol ♥ #Supernatural #S7 #Gagreel

Special guest star to director!

Haha xD poor Sam!

Supernatural funny

Hitting on the dress