PJ's Tutorial.

Lets Get Cozy Floral Lounge Pants ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍👍

so comfy looking!

Bauchband aus alten Shirts inkl. Anleitung / Belly belt made from old shirts incl. tutorial / Upcycling

pj pants tutorial

skirt made from 2 old shirts @M Axbey This is cool!

Perfect for all those old polos

here's how to turn a basic pj pant pattern into a more modern pajama bottom fit - awesome!- - -Sugar Bee Crafts: Modern Pajama Pants

Flower Reindeer Leggings. Nice and comfy for around MY house. They just look too much like pjs to wear out for me.

How To Let Out Pants [Tutorial] : If you've ever struggled to button a pair of pants be sure to check out the Letting Out Pants tutorial. This helpful link will show you how to make pants bigger by letting out the waist. If you are a person whose weight often changes then this can be an extremely helpful trick. You don't need to go out and buy new pants if you have gained a few pounds. Keep your old pants and simply make them more comfortable by letting out the waist with these easy steps.

How to Draft And Sew Your Perfect Pajamas

DIY yoga pants

Alabama Chanin - sew together squares of thrifted tees, might be able to knock this of in a colorful way

folded mini...make your own onlythesmall.blog...

DIY: floor pillows, perfect!

DIY maxi skirt

Sweater that's too small? Turn it in to a cardigan! so smart.

Cute top idea

Video of how to do letters - definitely fun and worth a watch!

Taking in part of your pants