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Sometimes you only know how much something contributes to keeping you healthy when it disappears. Case in point: the emerald ash borer was accidentally introduced from Russia and killed more than 100 million trees in the United States. That was associated with an additional 15,000 human deaths from cardiovascular disease and an additional 6,000 deaths from lower respiratory disease – all attributable to the pollution that those 100 million trees did not remove from the air.

The World’s Oldest Living Things: A Decade-Long Photographic Masterpiece at the Intersection of Art, Science, and Philosophy

The Oldest Living Things in the World: A Decade-Long Photographic Masterpiece at the Intersection of Art, Science, and Philosophy | Brain Pickings

hier is een duidelijke breuk tussen twee verschillende naturen te zien. aan de ene kant een levend, groen, schitterend bos en aan de andere kant een droge vlakte.

Living near more trees means fewer antidepressants

People who live around trees are richer, healthier, safer and happier, so this just makes sense.

Stamp a winter tree kindergarten or 1st grade art

Spending time in a forest park is literally good for your health – and not because you might be out for a walk or a run. Researchers have shown that just being in the presence of conifer trees has positive effects on human immune function. Phytoncides (essential oils) that are emitted from conifers cause a decrease in human stress hormones and an increase in anti-cancer proteins. In Japan, shinrin-yoku or forest bathing, is a recognized health therapy.

Oceans Will Have More Plastic Than Fish By 2050, Study Says

The world’s oceans will be filled with more plastic than fish in terms of weight by the World Economic Forum said Tuesday.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide

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