• Brooke Hammons

    Nerd Quirk #103....way too true in my life!! *sigh* now to replace my favorite book

  • Magen Romania

    Nerd Quirk - This was me every single night of a Harry Potter book release. Never failed. Finished each book in one straight shot!

  • Helena

    #nerdquirk 158: Your favourite books have a shrine on your bookshelf and must always be in the right order

  • Tasha Art

    nerd quirk, So true, one of my pet peeves.

  • Jennifer Palabay

    Nerd Quirks they're so funny, cause some of them are so true

  • Tails F

    this is to funny "When I was about nine, I tried to run away from home. I took my Harry Potter books and my bear. Later on when things had calmed down, my mom laughed at me and told me people normally take a clothes and food." I love this person.

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