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Mandy would like this: popsicle stick bracelets: boil in water for 15 minutes then place in cup to dry~this is cool!

I can great danger and great fun building easy catapults with the boys.

Making a catapult from a Knights and Nobles Unit: Teach Beside Me

catapult: fully-working and operational catapult made from eight popsicle sticks, one straw, a plastic spoon, two rubber bands, two screws, some bits of eraser, a block of wood and some wood glue.

Good science activity for nature of science and simple machines, will love this!!

Tongue depressors, milk carton lids, glue, clothes pins, and a block of wood make great catapults! // My boys would love this!

Build the catapult in different sizes, or with different rubber bands, or pencils of different length - discuss the changes each variable makes to the resultant motion of the projectile.  Demonstrate circular motion and rotational KE. Based on the relevant principles, have the kids design and build other working models of catapults. Here are some ideas.

mini-catapults made with clothes pins, a popsicle stick, and a block of wood --- oh and a "mounting platform"