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    Mean Moms Rule

    Quirky Discipline Rules That Work. I LOVE the 8pm Rule. Who am I kidding, I love them all. Some of these can be used in the classroom as well.

    When your kids tell you you’re mean, take it as a compliment. The rising generation has been called the laziest, rudest, most entitled kids in history. Don’t give up. They may think you’re mean now, but they’ll thank you later.

    25 Rules for Mothers of Sons. This is some of the best advice I've ever read. Love being a mommy to my boy :)

    this is so beautiful. hope to do it every 30 days for the rest of their childhood. :)

    It's important to stay calm and use empathy when we talk to our kids. Sometimes, it's hard to know what to say instead. Here are some examples of how we "react" to our kids and some alternative responses to try instead

    Every child needs to grow up money-smart. This site help guide parents and educators on what age groups should know at their age.

    Why I took all my kids' toys away {& why they won't get them back}--a MUST read for any parent who has struggled with too much stuff!

    How I became a better mom and a less stressed one too! My 10 ways to be a better parent.

    Screentime rules

    Why am I an angry mom? 5 anger triggers for moms and how to manage them. Great read for mothers who struggle with their temper and reactions with their kids.

    The Interrupt Rule - How your child can show respect and honor to their elders through a simple rule.

    The Mom Funk just takes over sometimes, and it can be hard to pull yourself out of it. Here are some really simple but effective ideas for getting out of the Mom Funk!

    Home Alone Rules iMOM I know I am not here yet, but for those of you out there with children older than me, here you go!!!!

    Do you ever get so fed up with your husband or kids that you feel like you might explode? While sometimes it is hard to admit, a mom really does set the tone for her family. Don't miss these 5 practical tips for resetting your mood when anger strikes!

    Remember the old book, Christina Katerina and the Box? So many things can be created with boxes.

    Moms Rules.... I want to frame this!!

    10 Rules for Moms of Sons(not so sure about #10 cause when that day comes.... oh how hard it's gonna be....cause he's my baby, my baby boy.)

    36 Little Hacks That Will Make Parenting So Much Easier


    MUST READ for any mother with a son, we want to raise our sons to be the type of man we would want to marry....25 RULES FOR MOMS WITH SONS.