• Sandy Hamilton

    random bits of helpful tips using household items: nail polish, toothpaste, rubber bands, tape, dryer sheets, vaseline, hair dryer, hand lotion, cornstarch, coffee filters, salt, disposable cups, vinegar, wax paper, ziploc bags, and chalk.

  • Infinity Kay

    This chart tells you other purposes of simple household items such as nail polish, toothpaste, tape, hairdryer, hand lotion, etc. Insane.

  • Marilyn Odle

    Very Useful Tips of many ordinary household items, like toothpaste, rubber bands, dryer sheets, hair dryer, nail polish, tape, hand lotion, cornstarch, petroleum jelly, coffee filters, salt, disposable cups, vinegar, waxed paper, ziptop bags, & chalk.

  • Sigrún Ragnarsdóttir

    Womansday - Helpful hint on how to use toothpaste, rubber bands, dryer sheet and other products around the house

  • Debra Lynn Cousins-McQuinn

    Household tips. Check this out! Lots of different uses for numerous household items. Toothpaste to rid your hands of garlic or onion odor. Use a hair dryer to remove crayon marks & wax spills. Untangle stubborn knots using cornstarch. And many, many more.

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