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  • Jungle Jim

    Baby Animals: I dont think there could possibly be a cuter animal on the planet!!!!!! Adorable baby sheep. #BabyAnimals #babysheep #sheep #JungleJim

  • Liz O'Brien

    Baby Lamb. Sweet! LAMBCHOP*

  • Stephanie Chase

    Baby lamb (just look at its little knee patches, look at them!) #babylamb #lamb

  • Donna Kaya

    baby animals... Baaaa lamb chops

  • Melinda Brown

    Early spring baby lamb farm animals!

  • Cornelius Hodkiewicz

    Oh my goodness!! Sweet baby lamb #Baby Animals #cute baby Animals|

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Ah, raised many of these growing up....feeding out of a pop bottle with a nipple in the middle of the nite. miss those days.@

Newborn Lamb by Eddie Griffiths Too adorable for words. What I love about sheep is how they stay this cute their whole lives!

Our lambs were always born in January-February when it was soooo cold. We didn't have heat in the barn and I remember waking up many winter mornings with baby lambs warming in a box beside the wood stove.

omg a hedgehog, my sister use to own these lil guys! they are so cute, and watching them swim in your bathtub is hilariously adorable! i want one!

Feeding Time. Nothing should be this cute. It should be illegal. But so glad for legalized cuteness.

This one is called Flatty, because he's got flatty ears.

I heart giraffes!!! My favorite animal of them all. :) They have the largest heart of all land mammals.

When I see pins of wild animals living in the house, I wonder... Where do they poop?

Throughout the world there are many differing beliefs. These beliefs were instilled over time - just as yours were instilled in you.

Stop being so cute, lambie! I can't take it!