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Criss-Cross Braid Pigtails ~ This is a very easy style. I actually saw a cute little girl wearing this style the other day and wanted to share...Braids and ribbon are what's in style right now...

Girly Do's By Jenn: Criss-Cross Braid Pigtails. Jana actually let me do this to her hair!

Girly Do's By Jenn: Water Fall Braids.

Girly Do's By Jenn: Water Fall Braids- Tons lot little girl hair styles with directions.

女の子は小さい頃からおしゃれに気を使うもの でももう髪の結び方のレパートリーも限界があるよ〜!とお嘆きのママさん達に送る、子どものヘアアレンジ集です!

Girly Do's By Jenn: Hair Flowers-Lots of cute hair ideas for girls- White-Can't wait till Makenzie gets longer hair and you can style it.

cute little girl style.

Girly Do's By Jenn: Short Hair Pig Tails (Ideas for Short Hair I pulled the top half of Miss M's hair back and did just one bow. It looks so cute. I might even do this on the first day of school. I wanna do this to my hair

Nice waterfall braid with a twist!! :))

For Capital E: Amazing Hairstyle: Rope Braid. This is awesome! Medieval/Lord of the Rings worthy braids!

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