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This is a good one. I really love Teddy Maynard's character (carried over from The Brethren).

All his books are great but John Grisham's The Broker was my favorite only behind The Firm.

John Grisham - The Rainmaker

John Grisham - The Rainmaker This book has genuinely touched my life.

Love his books!

Book Review 4: The Testament by John Grisham

My favorite John Grisham book

My Year in Books! See what I read in 2014.

The Brethren- My favorite John Grisham book

The Street Lawyer: A Novel by John Grisham http://www.amazon.com/dp/0440245958/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_KFUkub1YYZDP7

Check out The Street Lawyer by John Grisham at the Paoli Public Library! John Grisham is our February 2014 Author of the Month.

One of the most powerful books, emotional overload!

The Client by John Grisham ~In a weedy lot on the outskirts of Memphis, twoboys watch a shiny Lincoln pull up to thecurb...Eleven-year-old Mark Sway and his younger brotherwere sharing a forbidden cigarette when a chanceencounter with a suicidal lawyer left Mark knowinga bloody and explosive secret: the whereabouts ofthe most sought-after dead body in America. Now Mark is caughtbetween a legal system

In a weedy lot on the outskirts of Memphis, two boys watch a shiny Lincoln pull up to the curb.Eleven-year-old Mark Sway and his youn.

LOVE mostly anything from John Grisham but this is definetley a favorite! The Client good movie - GREAT book!

Book it up: John Grisham’s “The Client”

The Client - John Grisham books-i-ve-read-or-reading

The King Of Torts: Amazon.co.uk: John Grisham: Books

The King Of Torts: John Grisham: enjoyed this book a lot.

Quite the page-turner...which is what an awesome suspense book should be. :)

My favorite John Grisham book.

Wikipedia: The book explores a dystopian United States where many of society's most productive citizens refuse to be exploited by increasing taxation and government regulations and disappear, shutting down their vital industries. The theme of Atlas Shrugged, as Rand described it, is "the role of man's mind in existence". The book explores a number of philosophical themes...it expresses the advocacy of reason, individualism, capitalism, and the failures of governmental coercion

Peopled by larger-than-life heroes and villains, charged with towering questions of good and evil, Atlas Shrugged is Ayn Rand’s magnum.

Check out The Runaway Jury by John Grisham at the Paoli Public Library! John Grisham is our February 2014 Author of the Month.

John Grisham - The Runaway Jury. In stock @ Canterbury Tales Bookshop / Book exchange, Pattaya.

My favorite author (comprehensively). Angels and Demons is amazing! Loved the Da Vinci Code, Digital Fortress and Deception Point as well. Wasn't as big of a fan of the Lost Symbol but if you like a fictional suspense thriller amongst real world places and historical concepts You need to try these!

Dan Brown Books--haven't read digital fortress yet!

Pelican Brief

The Pelican Brief. One of my favorite John Grisham books. and a creditable movie with Julia Roberts.

A Time to Kill by John Grisham

This is my favorite John Grisham book

The Last Juror

Another great John Grisham novel!