The perfect Marriage Proposal

Guy's Guide for Getting Married. Their job seems a lot easier.

INFOGRAPHIC: The Perfect Proposal: your answers to what the most romantic proposal looks like.

With a hidden photographer. | 33 Awesome Marriage Proposals You Couldn't Say No To

Things to do immediately after he proposes. So sweet!

House of Doig: 50 Conversations To Have Before You Get Married

50 romantic proposal ideas <3 | Photo via Reddit |

Wedding budgeting: I don't usually post wedding stuff, but this is something I want my friends to see. You don't necessarily have to move into this new stage of your life with a mound of debt hanging over your head. Tone it down for christs sake.

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gorgeous keepsake marriage certificate

Well mine is round which is #1... but Im apart of the 16% of women that have platinum...look at Bling Then & Now! #proposal #engagement #wedding #infographic

Something fun for guests to do at the table for a wedding! What should we name our kids? What is the most romantic place we should visit? What is the best marriage advice you have ever received? What is your favorite memory of us? Where do you see us in 25 years? When did you know we were meant for each other?

Engagement/proposal ideas (brilliant examples)

Complete Guide to Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Fall marriage proposal

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How to plan a DIY Wedding

Proposal idea? So those 2 burnt out candles in the bottom of the heart just make me laugh. Like boom perfect picture and then there's 2 burnt candles like OCD moment!

:D Beebiiiitoooo... - The Guys Guide to the Best Wedding Proposal Ever. Girls Share this with your man! #wedding #proposal #idea