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Parenting with Positive Guidance starts April 4th. Come register, and use the TEAM code for 25 dollar discount.

{Positive Parenting Soup} What's your secret recipe? How do you stay positive when the going gets tough? Do you have a specific parenting approach or style? Let's chat in the comments.

Parenting with Positive Guidance by Amanda Morgan Highly recommend for those that would like to focus on bringing peace to the whole family.

And I thought these were already a bargain! All Positive Guidance Products on sale at Not Just Cute! 20% off Through October.

What I Wish I Had Known Before I Had Kids… | A Magical Childhood. Behavior is communication!

Here's Why You're Doing a Better Job of Parenting Than You Think (Even on the Rough Days!)

Parenting: Why French Parents are Superior by Pamela Druckerman, wsj: 1. Children should say hello, goodbye, thank you and please. It helps them to learn that they aren't the only ones with feelings and needs. 2. When they misbehave, give them the "big eyes"—a stern look of admonishment. 3. Allow only one snack a day. In France, it's at 4 or 4:30. Remind them (and yourself) who's the boss. 4. French parents say, "It's me who decides." 5. Don't be afraid to say "no." Kids have to learn how to cope with some frustration. - Seems like just plain common sense/survival for parents everywhere. #Parenting #WSJ #French_Parents #Pamela_Druckerman

Three Tools and Perspectives for Positive Parenting via Amanda Morgan #NotJustCute What is the tool you use most successfully to be a positive parent?

Have you signed up for the Parenting with Positive Guidance e-course from NotJustCute? I'm really looking forward to the discussion forum - will be great to swap ideas with other parents and see how they nurture their kids.