A tutorial for creating this fabulous patchwork headboard.

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Patchwork headboard...if you got a bunch of wood squares, added some foam, and stapled fabric on (so you could lean up against if comfortably), this would be perfect!!

Padded Patchwork Headboard. We're trying to create a modern Morrocan kinda feel in e bedroom and have been working on this for a while. Voila' the fruits of our labour!

spray 2 shutters 2coats primer and 2 coats of metallic paint, 2 coats sealant. cut fabric to fit each opening +1/2 inch on all sides. batting inside the panel/cover entire area. Cover with a piece of fabric and attach to batting along the edges with hot glue. Secure corners top staple gun


Interesting headboard idea

headboard from foam board | Headboard- cover planks with foam and fabric. A summer project, I ...

Fabric Wall Headboard - Done in a Day!! Cheap ......... This is really interesting how she did this and with cheap materials to make a padded headboard.

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DIY storage bed, very well explained

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Ugly coffee table to beautiful bench...

Initials above headboard with heart in between. Love this!

DIY shoe-rack bench, but really long for my front room?!

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Patchwork Headboard {Tutorial}

How make a giant picture for Crazy Cheap! Buy a sheet of insulation foam from home depot for about $11- then take your photo via thumb drive or CD to office depot and ask them for their biggest engineer print. (I think it's like 3ft.X4ft.!) $8. Then spray adhesive the photo to the board and craft paint the edges!! You can get two uses out of the foam board- so your total cost is only about $11