Water, the ocean. the River. the Gulf, the Beach.. Just I love Water... Jesus was at the water a lot... I feel renewed at the water...


The ocean.. #ocean




So true!! (especially when you escape to the beaches of Hutchinson Island!) #LoveFL

The beach is my happy place. Everything goes away.. Anger, stress, hurt, sadness.

For me it is the ocean

I hope someday I'll wake up to see that I live on the beach. Beach dune photo via Art.com. via Completely Coastal Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/128847517174708/photos/a.128908803835246.19702.128847517174708/669023346490453/?type=1&theater


ocean waves

Some of the best memories are made in Flip Flops - beach quotes - beach fashion - beach outfit - flip flops

salt in the air, sand in my hair

:)) #quote #panamajack

{ summertime cottage }

Toes in the sand.


Go anywhere and everywhere, but make sure you can always catch a glimpse of the deep blue sea. #WBestCruises

When I was little I wanted to grow up to be a Beach Bum, Bahaha! I still would be if it paid more!!!!!