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Blowing ink 'hair' with a straw! Fun portraits double as an oral motor activity for lip seal, cheek tension, and tongue retraction. Visit for more #oralmotor ideas


Ocean Water

Ocean Water - 7Up or Sprite, blue food coloring, Swedish Fish. Fun for kids summer parties. // For more family resources visit! :)

from Etsy

Wee Mouse Tin House PDF pattern

"Sweet little metal box full of... mouses! Starting from this diagram of Mmmcrafts, you will be able to build from felt and fabric this house to hosting some small rodents that your children may carry wherever they want. Moreover, it would be a great corner to save their first loose teeth and change them to the Tooth Fairy for small treasures."

from Inspiration Made Simple

Painting with Ice

Paint Blowing. Looks like a fun summer oral motor activity

This science project for kids has been all over the internet and for good reason, it’s so cool! I planned this for our final science project of the year at preschool and vastly overestimated the amount of milk needed. I bought about 4 gallons and ended up using less than one. So it goes! The …