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You all up in my Kool-Aid and don't even know the flavor. #haters People that don't really know you personally but love to talk about you. He said she said. If you didn't hear it or see it and the person didn't tell you about it themselves you shouldn't repeat what might not be true!!

Avengers Aunt Robin - KIDS, IN THE SUMMER OF 2012 Your aunt robin decided to join the avengers

Avoids having to make up a better story than, "I'm clumsy and got a paper of 10 this week." lol.

lets face it. we all just want to use the chalk

I want to know that story of that lady. Has she been in a war? Is she a police officer? Does she spend her weekends at the shooting range? That lady knows what she's doing.

"Oh, you thought you could speak while Aerosmith was on? That's cute." - Rachelle A. Smith

aerosmith...not my fav song but pinned this especially for my bestie carly k. hunt

You never really know someone until you play UNO with them and that jerk hits you with a Draw Four.

"I hate when I put food in the microwave & it starts makin explosive noise so I check and it's cold, like why you gotta play me like that."

#1 MOST favorite rocking hard track of all time! I'm always in the mood to Dream On!! Turn it UP

Next time I go to Rutherfordton it's on like Donkey Kong..... I'm looking at you Erin Wilson Whitney Clark Candace Crompton "Chalk This Way" ;) ♥ Aerosmith - Photo by Klas Almqvist