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Angel Reyes-Gaspar on

I was thinking of this quote the other day, and what characters of Merlin would best suit each part. But I just kept coming back to Merlin for each one.

Percy and Jason just for that I hope Leo kicks your ass! I am crushed by more than Rick now....have at thee flame boy! (But let them live! Or Annabeth and Piper will kill you XD them you can't take!)

dean winchester|| I forgot about Emma. And I love Ben it makes me sad that dean has to leave them.|| I forgot dean had cas do that spell to make them forget them.

I'd like to give a shout out to the actress playing Kitty Riley. If Benedict Cumberbatch was 3 inches from my face, saying I repelled him, I'm pretty sure I'd just start crying...

I honestly do not believe that he did any of that. He never had any of that in him. He was just too pure for that...

Leaves From The Vine. If anyone imagined Iroh singing that and didn't cry I have three words for you: you are heartless