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Community Post: Proof That Children Are Hilariously Uncoordinated

Since when was sitting down a challenge? | Proof That Children Are Hilariously Uncoordinated

Back from a few days in NYC and it was spectacular, including the crane action.

The Aberdeen Bestiary-f45v Text: "Cranes fly high and in flocks. They look after each other if one tires in flight." In fact they cannot support one another in the air but the V flight formation is aerodynamically effective. Illustration: the illustration refers to the text on f46. Cranes keep watch in turn at night, holding a pebble in their claw to ward off sleep. This is not true.

A real beauty of a crane watching over Cambridge, taken by a friend. Hot!

Northern Bald Ibis, native to Syria and Morocco is on the list of the 100 critically endangered species in the world. The Northern bald ibis (Geronticus eremita) disappeared from Europe over 300 years ago, and is now considered critically endangered. There are believed to be about 500 wild birds remaining in southern Morocco. Threat: Degradation and destruction of habitat and hunting.

Sarus Crane, Grus antigone: How's that for a Sun Salutation? The Sarus crane is the tallest of the flying birds, 5.9', is found in parts of India, Southeast Asia and Australia.

Melanistic/Genetic variant of Green Heron As it would turn out the above image of the green heron is considered to be the first record for such abbarent plumage for green herons.