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Floating Sea Lounger - www. - Summer is going to rock! Yes, we think so What do you think about this floating beauty? An add on for the sea, lake, dam, river or pool. Just be careful not to float away!

The amazing HotTug..... another item to   put on the If I ever become stupid rich list

The amazing HotTug…

This would be so stinking fun at Lake Powell (at night, not during the day) The boys can get a Blob and us girls can get a hot tug! The HotTug is a motorized hot tub boat available to own or rent. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

The Air Pong Table - The Portable, Inflatable Beer Pong Table by PongHead, http://www.amazon.com/dp/B001H189QI/ref=cm_sw_r_pi_dp_Jmqrqb0NC1VX8

Whether on land or sea, a true party should never be without a beer pong table. For those aquatic themed parties at the pool, lake, or beach, this full size vinyl inflatable beer pong table will allow you to keep the drinking games going in full effect.

Aqua Float Big Island Inflatable | Aqua Float in Summer Fun

Party Lake Raft This would be awesome I'm so ready to float the river with this!

Swinging in paradise

Swinging in paradise

Act like a kid again on the water swing set. I was always scared to jump off swing sets but I wouldn't be scared to jump into the waters.

Beach home in Maldives! Would you spend your summer here?

Beach home or Home in the water or boat house, but is this really a boat? Either way it would be amazing! Vacation HOME!

Hot tub boats are all the rage these days, but now you can relax on the high seas and go green at the same time with this electric hot tub boat. Featuring...

Electric Hot Tub Boat

The world’s first and only boat to include a pool and hot tub. Hot Tub Boats is working with the Coast Guard to make the safest boat possible and is also waiting on a patent for their design and creation.

Water mat. You can lie on it and play on it and it wont sink. stuff-i-can-do

Someday when i have a boat i want a water mat. You can lie on it and play on it and it won't sink. Perfect for lake days!

Para reunir com os amigos nesse verão! #mesapiscina #verão

Floating Aqua Table- with an interior cooler. For the lake! We can play cards down on the lake with our water proof cards! We need one Woman!

The Hanging Cocoon - Hammacher Schlemmer

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