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Whatever did we do with ourselves before our lives became so Pinteresting?

I always knew I had superpowers...I just hoped they would be cooler!

I'm not just a wife and a Mother. I'm also an Item Location Specialist.

Woo hoo, it's Friday! Oh wait.. I'm a mom. -- Omg!! Story of my life... Kids don't believe in weekends or any days off for that matter.

I jsut dont bother if you know me... Its like leave me alone.. I didnt say that spellcheck did

Yes! that's why i have a separate board just for pinning things I've done from here ;)

My family and friends complained that I was on Pinterest all the time... so I got them addicted to it also. problem solved.

You know that feeling of being able to sit down when you're exhausted? Yeah, me either. I'm not a dad. .

This is too funny. But look at the kid all the way up

Whenever you are done looking at this, try considering a very important thought every one of us needs to be asking our self. whydoiexistblog.w... #Funny #Comedy #ecards

I'm not even kidding! I cannot stand this!!!!

You’re not truly a parent till you’ve swatted blindly into the back seat of the car, hoping to connect with a kid.