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  • Ryann Pinnegar

    Camp Wander: DIY Solutions for Summer Dry Heels *Love the Summer Socks idea!*

  • Jamie Fernholz

    Summer feet care

  • Diana Hurst

    DIY skin care for dry heels & summer socks for overnite moisturizing. Genius! My heels are horrible in the summer because all I wear are sandals and flip flops.

  • LLuvia Concha-Pincock

    DIY skin care for dry heels & summer socks for overnite moisturizing. what a good idea

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how to wear foundation flawlessly when you have dry skin

  • Argand'Or USA

    Great products! If you have dry skin and apply make up regularly, you should make sure you have a great product for make-up base. Have a look at our argan oil - rich face cream. Go NATURAL! xo

  • DIY Natural Skincare Recipes by Mia Gordon

    Can't do without my essential oils coconut oil, almond oi like carrot seed, rosehip and a selection of anti-aging oils for recipes rich in hydrating ingredients and repairing vitamin A, C and E and anything rich in hyaluronic acid. #diyskincare #naturalskincare

  • Terri H

    Amy Fang

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Beauty a budget? No problem. Try our very green/natural alternative to dry shampoo! #kitchenbeautician

  • Sara Bormett

    Anna Denson, by natural oils you mean dirt and grease. Cleaning you whole body daily is a necesity, to not wash it everday is just weird and gross. Personal experience: I wash my hair everyday as well as some friends I have, our hair is long, grows fast, is shiny, and soft. Girls I talk to always ask us what we do to our hair, and we say wash daily. If you buy a good shampoo and conditioner it shouldn' tdamage your hair, so if it does your using a bad brand or something. Another personal experience, I've noticed that girls that don't wash their hair everyday have a weird smell, just saying.

  • Ashly Forli

    you do know that lice is attracted to clean hair? the only people who end up getting lice are the ones who over wash it. So I think you are gross for washing your hair every day and risk getting bugs... dry shampoo have scents in them, to say people say smell weird is just plan fucking rude. There is so many chemicals in shampoo to wash it everyday is harsh on it. Scalp oils have a naturally protective quality.

  • Sara Bormett

    As long as my hair is clean, and I don't hang around anyone with lice, and my house is clean. I use shampoo and conditioner so they balance each other out, I know that the shampoo is harsh, that is why I use conditioner to add the things that are needed. Shampoo cleans, conditioner adds nutrients. I've clearly angered you and I am sorry, but you didn't have to use the harsh language.

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Quickest solution to cracked heels - Vicks Vaporub. #QuickTips #Remedy #HomeRemedies

How to beat dry skin: Apply Johnson’s Baby Oil Gel to damp skin in shower. Pat yourself moist / dry. Then apply Johnson’s Baby Creamy Oil.

Top 10 Best DIY Shampoos - maybe the dry shampoo will work on my dogs!

How to make your own "dry shampoo." With a toddler and a baby on the way...I am intrigued.