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$2.00. This simulation has been one of my favorite activities in my freshmen Geography class. It includes the Model UN Simulation, optional student essay, rubrics, and video clips.

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Sonnets, Iambic Pentameter – High-Interest Lecture on Shakespeare’s Poetry, CCSS

Shakespeare's sonnet structure like you've never seen before. Dazzle and inspire your students with this dynamic presentation. From a simple iambic pentameter line ("Trapeze, fall down, go boom, get up, again.") to a discussion of two of Shakespeare's most famous sonnets, there's plenty to amuse and challenge your class here. Full, 50-minute lesson materials included.

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Film study guide: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind & The Velveteen Rabbit

Need a Valentine's Day activity? Compare Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Alexander Pope’s Eloisa to Abelard: "How happy is the blameless vestal’s lot! The world forgetting, by the world forgot. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind! Each pray’r accepted, and each wish resign’d." Essay questions comparing the two and the poem itself are included in this unit. $

Essay writing in history is very important and is a skill that has to be learnt. A history essay must present an argument: that is, a systematic and persuasive development of a position or point of view, using appropriate evidence. Writing an essay, therefore, is a reasoning process in which you examine the opinions of others, search for and analyze the evidence, and draw your own conclusions. This activity takes students through the process of developing a solid extended history response.

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Ancient Egypt Informational Text Posters

This series of 9 Informational Text Posters written in simple language will help your students learn basic facts about various topics of Ancient Egyptian history. Key vocabulary is highlighted in bold text, so students can identify the content words. Topics include: King Tut Cleopatra Egyptian Pyramids The Great Sphinx Hieroglyphics Mummies Sarcophagus Camels Ancient Egyptian Cats I've also included a cover page and a scavenger hunt.

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Economics & History: The Beatles "Revolution" song (Vietnam War, communism, '68)

$2.00. Learn about history and economics with this activity from a popular Beatles song!

Take your students on a trip to visit the Pyramids of Egypt. Students will love reading all about Pyramids and even taking a peek inside the burial chamber of these ancient monuments. This 15 page PowerPoint contains captivating photos and simple text will engage your beginning readers in learning about this interesting topic. This can be used on a SMARTBOARD as a shared reading or printed and bound in a book for guided or independent reading. Graphic organizers and questions included.

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The Pied Piper of Hamelin Poem Robert Browning CCSS 4th & 5th SPED ELD


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Substitute Report

FREE! This has been a life saver for me! I attach this Substitute Report (one for each class) to my lesson plans. It easily allows subs to provide feedback (via a checklist) on class behavior, if they followed my lesson plan, how the students behaved, noise level, areas of difficulty, outstanding students, challenging students, and general comments. I receive the best feedback from my subs now.

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Past, Present, & Future Tense Verbs with Poems and Cut n' Sorts

Students will add -s or -ed to show the difference between present and past tense verbs. They will also cut and match present and past tense verbs together. It includes two cut and sorts as well as two writing activities that should suit both first and second graders.Only $3.00!

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Odd and Even Number Chant with Hands on Activity and Worksheets

Only $1.00! I used this with mostly first graders, however it is good review for second grade at the beginning of the year. They loved the chant! It also includes two color the odd/even number pages, and a sorts odd and even activity sheet.

FREE EXPOSITORY WRITING LESSON PLAN - Writing a Descriptive Paragraph: This expository writing lesson is student directed because it guides the students through the process of writing a descriptive paragraph, up to and including grading their own final paper before turning it in for teacher evaluation.

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San Valentin make a pair game - BILINGUAL CRAFTIVITY

San Valentin Make a Pair Game - Bilingual Craftivity ! Your students will enjoy Valentine´s Day with this bilingual craftivity!

FREE. In this activity, students are given information about plants that are grown with and without the assistance of mycorrhizae. Quantitative data is given. Students graph the data and answer 8 data analysis questions.

This is an awesome Year-End Teacher Evaluation Survey for students to complete that will provide you the teacher with great insight and data on how your class went, what to change for next year, and how to improve your teaching! I've learned so much from these every year!

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Video Clips for Economics

$3.50. This handout includes over 60 video clips! Virtually every major economic concept is illustrated in this handout, including GDP, opportunity cost, supply and demand, unemployment, taxation, personal finance, and MUCH MORE! Most of the video clips are from popular movies and TV shows, but there are a few clips that are linked to songs as well. You will either need access to youtube at your school, or you will need to know how to convert video clips via Zamzar.

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3 Activities To Help You Get To Know A New Class

Looking for a fun and engaging way to start the school year with a new class? With 3 activities based on getting to know students, helping them to reflect on last year and interact with each other, this product will help you break the ice and start the year well!

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"Less Mess" Social Studies Interactive Notebook Activities

This 121 page resource involves tons of activities (with LESS MESS) to add some creativity and color to your social studies interactive notebooks. The activities apply easily to most areas covered in social studies, and each activity comes with detailed suggestions and ideas about how to use it in your classroom.($)