Energizing brain breaks help students to refresh, recharge, regenerate and refocus!

Brain Breaks and why your students really need them! (+ many free printable brain breaks)

Brain Breaks

This is a collection of 12 dice games that encourage physical activity and visual motor skills. Roll a die to determine what activities to complete or draw. Download the preview for a free Brain Breaks game! The 12 games are: Roll a Cartoon Face #1, Roll a Cartoon Face #2, Roll a Monster, Roll Shapes and Numbers, Roll an Alphabet Hunt, Roll a Scavenger Hunt, Roll a Color Hunt, Roll the 5 Senses, Roll in Under 2 Minutes, Roll Some Exercise, Roll Away Boredom and Roll Some Brain Breaks.These ac...

FREE Christmas Brain Breaks for December!:

Brain Breaks for the Classroom

Who's Who and Who's New: Physical Activity in the Classroom: Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks For ANY Grade!

I love the fact that they're doing this for kids! I am fully in support of anything to enhance and protect the brain! I support things as well. #brain #health #brainbreaks

Why Take Brain Breaks?

Even if you are already using brain breaks with your students, you will want to check out these 60 brain break cards. Every brain break was selected to get kids out of their seats an moving. They are quick and super fun. Lots of new ideas too! $

Brain Break and Classroom Cheer Cards

Energizing Brain Breaks

Energizing Brain Breaks

It's Showtime, is a great song to get children motivated during morning meeting, it's perfect for circle time, brain breaks or indoor recess. This music video is ideal for preschool through lower elementary.

FREE Brain Breaks - Printable games and activities for 5 minute classroom breaks. (from Being Inspired)

Brain breaks

Brain Breaks for Squirrelly Students! 60 brain break cards to keep your kids happy and focused (and to save teacher sanity). $

Help your students re-focus and more by using active brain breaks in the classroom!

energizing brain breaks

Brain Breaks