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    Monster spray, to keep the monsters case we ever develop a monster problem

    Monster Spray to ward off bedtime monsters - tried and successfully tested by many parents whose children have night time fears. - Happy Hooligans


    Love this idea!

    Metal mailboxes spray painted...outside kids bedrooms. I really want to do this! And leave them little notes, any mail they get, some treats, etc. Then they can hang their backpack and coat on the hooks! GREAT idea!

    Good tips to help motivate a stubborn kiddo.

    Sara Kety My Little Black Bib with White Pearls | Bloomingdales

    50 things to do on a trampoline **I totally remember playing crack the egg as a kid!

    Monster Spray Away

    ARE YOU SERIOUS??? And people wonder why their kids are pregnant at 16??!!!??

    Secretly have every teacher from kindergarten to high school sign this book and give to your child at their graduation, Brilliant - my kids love this story!

    Great ideas!

    "My Dad used to come to our rooms armed with "Monster Spray" when we had nightmares. He sprayed it under the bed, in my shoes, all the places monsters might hide. I loved it, the scent comforted me til I fell asleep." Cute!

    summer fun!

    GENIUS! Totally stealing this for someday :)

    Great idea? More like AMAZING IDEA!!! Summertime means lots of theme parks, zoos, adventures for the kids and what's one of our biggest fears as parents? That they will get lost and we won't be able to find them! So, here's a simple solution! Use a fine point sharpie or pen and write "If lost, call (your phone number)". Then use liquid bandaid on top of it. It will seal it in and it's waterproof and should last for about a day.

    36 Little Hacks That Will Make Parenting easier. Some are genius, some are just funny.

    Sidewalk paint-1 part cornstarch (1 c.) 1 part water (1 c.) food coloring (we used neon colors) sponge brushes

    Make mini water blobs. Easier to make, fills up faster and the best part is every kid gets to take one home!

    Monster bowling set - such a great gift for a toddler

    How to set a bedtime routine that will help your baby sleep through the night.