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Envelopes on the wall. Why? I don't know. But let's think of something...

Envelope Surprise DIY for Steve, mom or could be used as inspiration for teen program (blue envelopes series)

Envelope Surprise DIY

this is a sweet little gift idea- each envelope contains a note or picture or present for the receiver- kind of like an advent calendar. The idea of birthday treats going on and on sounds perfect

Envoltorios originales para los regalos de Reyes

Interactive Gift Wrap for Kids- There are so many fun and creative ideas for wrapping gifts. Here are a few fun interactive gift wrapping ideas, ways to make the outside of your gift almost as entertaining as the inside.

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Envelope Surprise DIY The idea is to get some envelopes and get friends and family to “sponsor” each envelope. In each envelope is a an email and some sort of special treat or poem or drawing.


Write More Letters : Easy steps to DIY, recycled envelopes!

❤️Diy Romantic Gift Ideas And Decor❤️ #Home #Garden #Trusper #Tip

FIVE meaningful, DIY carved initials gift ideas for your man that also double as romantic bedroom decor! Perfect for Valentines or your anniversary.

Tied with lace instead of twine

Brown paper package tied up with string. filled with a few of your favorite things. Super cute gift to brighten a friend's day! I LOVE this idea!