Foam Board Ornaments

pinecone elves. seriously.


Ornaments gathered with ribbons! Cute idea for Christmas decor. I'm probably going to do this for Christmas, since I don't have a whole lot of room for Christmas decorations! :):).

These Floral Leather Scarf Cuffs add just the right amount of attitude to a snuggly scarf. Each piece of leather is molded by hand, dyed, waxed and buffed, and finally riveted so that it comes together with a snap. Cuff fits on nearly any chunky scarf and comes in a ton of colors! And honestly the Rouge is *perfect* for Christmas!

Cinnamon Bird Ornaments -

DIY Christmas Tree Ornaments

Great idea for an ornament

Yarn and felt wreaths!

Felt Christmas tree ornaments.

Make these Christmas ornaments with foam balls, glitter and a cupcake wrapper!

Christmas ornaments SO EASY

Pinecone Wreath with Cardinals.


Snowflake ornament

Felt ornaments :) love!

Yarn + wire. (wire hanger would work too)...cute!

Wreath with felt flowers

Inspiration: Memory Ornaments! Things that matter.

cute ornament craft!

Candy Cane Ornaments Heres an easy craft to do with children: Create pipe cleaner candy canes to hang on your Christmas tree...