Magazine files for storing yarn--great idea!

Use magazine holders for yarn storage. This is an amazing idea to store yarn and I have been looking for a way to display my yarn and be able to have it all wound on my yarn winder and ready to go! Definitely adding this to my craft room!

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use a vintage pop bottle crate to store craft paint.what a wonderful idea! I have several of these crates in storage.

Simple! - Organitzador de cintes

Good in theory but most of my ribbon didn't come out smoothly bc it wàs too thick. Then the ribbon that was skinny kept falling back into the bin. I really wanted this to work bc I LOVE ribbon and have a ton of it.


Sewing Space Makeover - I love seeing where other people create! It looks so clean and organized not cluttered.

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DIY your own craft table. These plans and ideas will help you build your own custom craft table for your sewing room.

Jewelry Beading Station, Beading Desk, Bead Work Station

Beading Station here Ikea Shelf Storage here Hide-Away Sewing Cabinet here Yarn Storage here Fabric Storage here Finished Jewelry Storage here DIY Cutting Table here Craft Clos…

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24 Amazing Storage Ideas For Your Craft Room

tupperware storage for craft studio organization 24 Creative Craft Room Storage Concepts hand made stuff

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Pompoms or wound yarn balls glued on a canvas as a picture or an art pattern - 20 Easy DIY Wall Art Ideas