flower bed

bed frame planter... I got this from an article about rednecks. Fail to see the difference between this and other "upcycles" except for who does it. Hipster chick = cool and chic, cute upcycle, while Norma Sue = blight on the neighborhood we must humiliate for her poor aesthetics

Flower Bed <3. Very cute way to use an old rustic bed frame!

garden bed ,)

Interesting small lawn "bed." Wondering about the safest method of mowing.


Spiral Vegetable or Herb Beds

Hollow log flower bed, this would be cute instead of the railroad ties in front of the flowerbeds.

Have several raised beds so that you have one to use for compost each year and rotate them yearly.

Metal bed frame for your climbing vines.

pic 6

Rock Edging

How to make a bench and planter from old bed frames | Flea Market Gardening

Groovy Green Livin repurposed bed frame

Flower Bed <3

Aquacorner Raised Bed Soaker Systems (drip irrigation plus raised bed corner in one)

Vegetable garden.