-c.s. lewis

::. C. S. Lewis .::

Please please PLEASE take this into account people! It's so true! We may have debts, and large stacks of bills, a broken washing machine to fix, but we are not in a third world country living in a shack, begging for food, drinking contaminated water and all with no education. Be thankful for your life. VOLUNTEER and help others!

Remember your job. #JuicyWords


“The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday.” A beautiful quote that remind us to focus on our own development before looking at our competitors and the people around us.

Brave = being scared out of your mind and doing it anyway.

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don't complicate things.

Good things happen when the time is right.

The Lorax

need to remember this.

so true.

Things to keep in mind.