DIY 2 Ingredient Drain Cleaner. Works MUCH better than Drano!

Some really easy DIY gift ideas that anyone can make!

easy to make

Easy Oven Door Cleaning

drain cleaner

this really works on getting hair out of drains. made from a plastic bottle!

I love DIY Cleaning Solutions! I may not always have a special cleaner on hand for a particular job but I usually have these ingredients. As a bonus I'm using mostly natural ingredients and I save money too.

DIY: How to Restore Grout. It's so easy & it's so inexpensive!

great grout cleaner

DIY Drano

DIY jewelry cleaner

Two Ingredients -DIY Disposal Cleaner

DIY stamp cleaner!

DIY Drano

Make Your Own Homemade all purpose cleaner- 1 teaspoon liquid dish soap 1 half teaspoon baking soda 2 tablespoons vinegar 2 cups water - this has been great ! Also made my own granite cleaner with 2 cups water, 2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol and 2 teaspoons liquid dish soap.

I cannot believe how well this Homemade Tub & Tile Cleaner works. It's AMAZING -- and it's made with ingredients you probably already have on hand! You must try it!

Better way to clean the stove

all natural spray cleaner

The easy way to get your jars sparkling clean and ready to re-use without using any harsh chemicals!

Baking Soda as Drain Unclogger To get your drain running again (without resorting to chemicals worthy of a hazmat suit) pour ½ cup soda, then ½ cup vinegar, down a clogged drain. Cover it with a wet cloth, wait 5 minutes, uncover, and flush with steaming-hot water.