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  • Kimberly Carney

    I do remember being warned off of these cute little things as a kid. Underneath that long, blond hair, venomous bristles hide. Even a molted skin can cause a serious skin reaction, so don't touch anything that looks like this caterpillar. At its largest, the puss caterpillar grows to just one inch long. Puss caterpillars are larvae of the southern flannel moth. Puss Caterpillar (Megalopyge opercularis) Flickr user touterse (CC license)

  • Helen Frances

    This is the puss caterpillar. It’s the most venomous caterpillar in the US…

  • Catherine Bisigni

    Puss Caterpillar by touterse: The larval form of Megalopyge opercularis, the puss caterpillar is covered with long hairs reminiscent of a Persian cat. However, this 'fur' is made of venomous spines which cause a painful sting. Up to 1" long, it is commonly found on trees and garden plants in the Southern US, Mexico and South America. via wikipedia #Puss_Caterpillar #touterse #wikipedia #Insects

  • Judith Fitzgerald

    5 Animals That Look Like Cartoons (Until They Kill You) |

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