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    Once upon a time, "salt" was "salt." Not anymore as there are so many unsavory additives. Look for "Ingredients: Salt" or "Ingredients: Sea Salt" - it's still possible to find plain old salt, but you do have to #ReadIngredients.

    Very telling infographic about the state of health, wellness, healthcare and lifestyles in America. Our nation needs a giant "reset" button on these matters.


    The concerns over the potential health risks of GE industrial agriculture are also growing among those who are most vulnerable to them: Children. Recently, fourteen-year-old Rachel Parent, founder of Kids Right to Know—a group dedicated to the youth movement to label GE foods—discussed the issue on the prime-time Canadian business news program.

    "We have subsidized a food system that is making us fat, sick and undernourished." - Robyn O'Brien environmentalilln...

    The Unhealthy Truth. Robyn O'Brien

    Food Babe Investigates US Brands that are reformulated without additives in other countries.

    I always liked Willie Nelson.

    What are we consuming that is "safe" today only to be found not safe and banned tomorrow?

    Holler for Your Health: Be the Key to a Healthy Family by Teresa Holler

    Jeffrey Smith’s GMO blockbuster, Seeds of Deception


    The Four Agreements

    Organic = hold the raid & round-up, original double helix in tact

    The Makers Diet - Did God Make my Food?

    Eat Fat Lose Fat - ever heard of the French paradox...high fat diets yet much skinnier people.

    In Defense of Food

    The Hundred-Year Lie