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    Vintage 1950s Du Pont Cellophane Advertisement. "The best things in life come in Cellophane".

    That it's OK to pass off your robot maid as your child... | 50 Things Only '80s Kids Can Understand

    Used in Victorian Asylums to prevent masturbation.

    1950s mother feeds a baby seated in a high chair while the father dries his hands and smiles at their son and daughter, who are eating at a small table in a kitchen.

    awesome vintage advertisements

    McDonald's Vintage Ads

    Buying cigarettes in hospital, 1950s

    Laxettes Ad (1952).

    the stylish housewife

    Forget that whole love and trust thing, it’s all about how you cook!

    Beer advert 1950s

    Old racist ad

    Old Racist Ads | Vintage Racist Advertising/Cartoons/Postcards etc

    Sniffles are bad enough, but alienating men - awful! Heaven forbid a woman ever appears unattractive for even a moment.

    Crime in the Kitchen… 1950s advertising illustration.

    1950s Lysol

    (Sent in plain wrapper).

    Vintage ad

    Mama used to go to Smith's grocery down the street to shop for groceries, but now she drives to the big supermarket where food prices are cheaper.

    Dr. William's Pink Pills, Medical Medicine, UK (1890) Yes, I would like to be pinker.

    Spam Canned Meat Ad, c1950 (We always ate this when we were camping in the 70's. My dad would slice it and fry it for breakfast with our eggs or for sandwiches.)