Poor Pitiful Pearl! Has been an expression we've used in our house FOREVER! It's usually used when making a sarcastic joke!

Poor Pitiful Pearl doll vintage dolls

Big Vintage Holly Hobby Hobbie Doll 1970's Knickerbocker Toy Cloth Rag Doll | eBay

And here she is my favorite doll,Thumbelina.{Top right}

.pretty old doll


I had LOTS of those. I feel old. Lol. I even had a book full of paper doll clothes that I remember pressuring my mum to buy.

Chatty Cathy

Baby doll toys of the 70's | Raggedy Ann 32" Vintage 70's Doll Knickerbocker Apron Rag Calico Dress ...

Vintage dolls

One of my children bought one of these Raggedy dolls in http://www.fao.com/shop/index.jsp?categoryId=3788679 You can get vintage Raggedi dolls in many places through the web. Etsy has quite nice selection of them.

1958 Sears Christmas Catalog

Avon lipstick samples

1960's dolls | Vintage Barbie packaging from the 1960s - Found in Mom's Basement

We always word Baby Doll Pajamas in the summertime. I got three pair for graduation gifts.

If you were a Barbie doll fan in 1964, you probably had or wanted to get the new doll in the line up - Skipper came out that year. 'They' tell me she was Barbie's sister and was created to help allay some of the criticism that Barbie was too sexy a doll.

1950's aluminum drink tumblers.

big catalogs from the department stores...montgomery wards, sears, jc penney, speigel

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