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I'm a paradox. A troubled soul that yearns for consistency. And yet I need to accept who I am and be grateful I can feel so much.

This is me. I can't even express how accurate it is. I am a conflicted contradiction.

Yup my mother-in-law is amazing!

a man who treats his woman like a princess is proof that he has been raised by a queen. I'd like to think my boys will treat their women like queens.


Grace, grace and more grace. {internally struggling with this one lately. I am kind, but dejected by the fact that so often it's unappreciated and unreciprocated when I might need it. Must remember this.


Positive Attitude is a Matter of Choice. It is said to be contagious. You might want to spread something that is worth emulating.

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The quote was borrowed, the photo is mine, the sentiment is priceless.

I don't say it like this but I wish more clients understood that they are in control all their emotions not just happiness

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