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  • Beth Foster

    16 Bugs Gardeners Should Love (I still dislike bugs but I guess I can't say "hate" anymore)

  • K. D. Wildflowers

    Native American ladybug (note that the "face" has two white dots rather than a "W")

  • Mariam Moravick

    GOOD BUG: the Ladybug. They eat aphids, garden mites and the eggs of other insects. (© Martin Ruegner/Corbis)

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Are ladybugs poisonous? No. Ladybugs are not poisonous to humans. However, they can have toxic effects on some animals. Ladybugs have a foul odor which deters some predators from eating them and their bright colors also help as a deterrent. In nature, red and orange, are warning colors that indicate to another animal or insect that the potential "lunch item" might not be a good choice.

Lady Bugs! When I live in Hawaii when I was little there was this tree stump behind the house that was always COVERED in lady bugs - we called it the Lady Bug Tree.

Not all insects are pests. Attract these "good" bugs to your garden.

Best farm workforce you will ever meet. They control multiple varieties of aphids and mites in all sorts of crops and are pivotal for Integrated Pest Management.

Back garden Bug Hotel out of pallets, brick post and garden bric-a-brac

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