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Crazy About Coconut

Benefits of Coconut Oil

#Health benefits of walking

Amazing infographic about how sitting down is killing you. Read it through and get some exercising done – ASAP.

Here is a great infographic about the #health benefits of walking and weight control. How much do you walk daily!?

Health Benefits of Blueberries Infographic

The Benefits of Drinking Water Daily (Infographic)

The Health Benefits of Ginger #health #benefits #ginger

#Mental Benefits of #Exercise #Infographic

#Meditation >> The health benefits of meditation include lower blood pressure, reduced stress, clearer mind, and a sense of self. Do you meditate?

It takes 33 glasses of H2O to neutralize the acid in 1 soda! Your body fights acidity with fat. Over time, your body becomes toxic. You feel sluggish and your waistline grows. Detox today with It Works! Greens! Not only will you detox and alkalize but you will get 8 servings of fruits and veggies in just two tiny scoops added to 8oz of water or juice. It's also available in convenient to go packs! Order today at https://melissathomaswrapsyouthin.myitworks.com or contact me at myskinnygirlwra...


Benefits of Blue & Purple Fruits & Veggies

Benefits of Red Fruits & Veggies


Avocado Plant Health Benefits

Benefits of Green Fruits and Veggies

blueberry and coconut oatmeal.

Hmmmm dandylionroot that's new

Drink a glass of warm lemon water every morning and see what it does for you!

Squats - the difference between having a butt and having an ASS. 7 moves.