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Gruber Alan

Malos De

Die Hard 1988


Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman) en "Duro de Matar" ("Die Hard", 1988).

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Cujo (1983) probably the scariest dog movie I've ever seen

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The Witches 1990

The Witches Movie 1990

Witches Angelica

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Witchcraft Google

Monster Witches

Miss Eva Ernst [a.k.a. The Grand High Witch] (from the Witches, 1990). Portrayed by Anjelica Huston

Peter Pan Wikifrom Peter Pan Wiki

Captain Hook

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Hook Dustin

dustin hoffman as captain hook in hook

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Gladiator Commodus

gladiator_ cómodo...malo pero atractivo!

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Jai Courtney Confirmed as Eric (Dauntless Leader) in The Divergent Movie - DIVERGENT Fansite

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Cafe Texan

Texan Nemesis

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Franz Sánchez (Licencia para matar)

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Halloween Michael Myers

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the Guardianfrom the Guardian

James Bond villains … horrified by infamy

James Bond 007

007 Villian

Jamesbond Villains

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007 Bond

007 James

Bond James

007 Bond Villian - Dr Julius No (Dr No)




Harley Quinn Gif

THE DOPE $OCIETY® Harley Quinn, suicide squad,

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Disney William

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Tim Rogerson Disney

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Casadoartista Painting

Disney Fine Art

"All Their Wicked Ways" by Tim Rogerson | Disney Fine Art

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Movie themed illustrations by Ale Giorgini

Alegiorgini Breaking

Bad Ale

Breakingbad Illustrations

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Breakingbad Ilustration

Película de temática ILUSTRACIONES de Ale Giorgini

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Amon Goethe

Goeth Ralph

Ralph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes played Amon Goeth so convincingly that a holocaust survivor shook in fear when she met him! - - Interesting Facts and Fun Facts - OMG Facts

Etsyfrom Etsy

Disney Villains Series - Scar

Scar Lion King

The Lion King Art

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The Lion King Scar

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Serie de villanos de Disney - cicatriz

The Joker

Anarchy Joker

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Batman The Dark Night

Joker Heath Ledger

Joker Mouth

"I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it! You know, I just do things." -Joker

Die Hard Wikifrom Die Hard Wiki

Hans Gruber

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Alan Rickman Hot

Die Hard Movie

Die Hard 1988

Alan Rickman as Hans Gruber in #DieHard

Cushing Hammer

Peter Cushing Frankenstein

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Peter Cushing whether playing a villain or a hero, always brought the Classy! to Hammer. One of my fav Sherlocks as well.


Joker Batman

Dark Knight

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Heath Ledger

Heath Ledger. The Joker. Batman. Dark Knight.

the Guardianfrom the Guardian

The 10 best Bond outfits - in pictures

Golden Guns

Gun 1974

Gun Christopher

Gun Rip

Bond Outfits

Outfits Christopherlee

Gun Futuristic

Christopherlee Scaramanga

10 Bond Outfits: Christopher Lee, Scaramanga

Xmen Apocalypse Movie

X-Men Apocalypse Movie

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Apocalypse X Men

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X Men Apocalypse - Poster 2 by CAMW1N on DeviantArt


The Dark Knight

Movies Batman

Heath Ledger Joker

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Dark Knight

The Dark Knight // Heath Ledger As The Joker