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  • sharon peterson

    I have been thinking of my daughter finishing her final steps in her high school career this year with some of the other teens that spent so much time in our house growing up...time sure flies! We even had one boy and his girlfriend move in for a bit to get on their feet and now they are on their own furthering careers, I wish them all so much success in their futures! So many memories with raising teens....God has everyone in your life or that has passed through for a reason.

  • April Ashby

    Got all my debts in order. Have my checklist done. I should be back on my own by oct 1! I have something to look forward too!!! Gonna work very hard for this!!!

  • Ashley Seegmiller

    Funny how it was all just seemingly falling apart

  • Rachel Pizzaia

    Coups de cœur | Tumblr

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So true, I'm becoming an expert in not overthinking and my life is sooooo much happier for it!

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Lee!!! Take a chance!!! Take a chance on me!!! You won't regret it!! I promise!!!

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This kennel WILL get built! 1 step forward, 2 steps back will eventually change.

Life becomes easier when you delete negative people

People will also tell you your lying al the time when you aren't. What do ya do? Let them believe what they want. Trying to convince someone that your being honest will just make ya look like a lair.

  • we were friends

    These are the people that are not needed.

  • Hunter Zappato

    Agreed! When I hear someone bad-mouthing another person, it makes me mistrust the one doing the bad-mouthing. How can you trust they won't do it to you?

  • Hunter Zappato

    I once had a 'friend' spread hurtful untrue comments about me. She later apologized and asked how to make it better. I told her to take a large bag of feathers and spread them in a wind storm. When all the feathers make their own way back to the bag, all will be fine...That was to help impress that her malicious words were still floating out there and coming back to me for years. I did forgive, but hoped she learned as well.

  • Aimee Boyle

    You get me :,) I love you.

  • Hunter Zappato

    take care Aimee dear! Mind if I follow your boards?

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That says it all.

Sometimes you tell someone to never call you again and then the phone rings and you hope it's them-- its the most twisted logic of all time. - John Mayer