Created exclusively for the Royal We by Oliver Jeffers, this limited edition signed print is a hand drawn map of the world. The whole world. With pins. But it isn't to scale, because that would be very hard to ship. Screen printed in Brooklyn using white ink on black paper. Each print comes with 52 pins, 50 are orange, 1 is red and 1 is blue. Red is for headquarters, blue if for your next target. Deco Travel World Map Ver. 2 by glassnam on Etsy, $16.99

This is so cool! You can put pins in this. I think it would be neat to "pin" the location of friends, family, missionaries etc... to remember to pray for them.You could surround it with prayer cards and pictures.

I love world maps. Someday I want to travel the world with Ryan, but I’m coming to peace with the fact that now isn’t that time. I like to stick close to my little guys, and somehow I don’t think they would be as interested in Greece as I would be. (Plus, I’m saving money so that someday I can...

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