Gauntlet for left hand date: 1557


#Arms #Armor Pair of Gauntlets. Ca. 1585. Steel, gold, silver, leather. Italian (Milan)

Anton Peffenhauser (Probably) German, Augsburg Fingered Gauntlet for the Right Hand, c. 1520 Steel with gilding

Indian War Elephant Armor, 17th to 18th century.

150 Year Old Victorian Prosthetic Hand

A GREEK BRONZE CHALCIDIAN HELMET circa 4th century b.c. Of hammered sheet, with a rounded bowl off-set from the neck- and cheek-guards and the brim by a ridge, the neck-guard flaring along the back edge, the forward elements adorned with relief ornament illustrating the Herakles cycle, including, on the brim, the infant Herakles struggling with the serpents of Hera, on the left cheek-guard, the hero wearing the Nemean lion skin, battling the Lernean Hydra...[see origin for further detail...

Armor of an Officer of the Imperial Palace Guard - Chinese 17th century

German Gauntlet for the right hand. c.1480. Classic form for the 15th Century, highly stylised gothic type

Gauntlet for the right hand, belonging to the armor of the Count of Niebla Date: ca. 1590 Culture: Italian (Milan) Medium: Steel, gold, silver, textile, and leathe


Close helmet Date: ca. 1560–70 Culture: German, Augsburg

armour of George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland (1558 - 1605)

Backplate and Hoguine (Rump Defense) Kolman Helmschmid  (German, Augsburg, 1471–1532)

Horseman's Shield (Targe) Date: early 15th century Culture: probably Austrian Medium: Wood, leather, gesso, silver foil, polychromy

Two Shield Bosses, 7th century Langobardic Iron, gilt bronze


Burgonet Date: ca. 1550–55 Culture: Italian, Milan Medium: Embossed, etched, and partly gilt steel

Gilded bronze cuirass, Phoenician, Ksour-es-Sal Tunisia 3rd C. Carthaginian breastplate dates to the Punic Wars with Rome. Musee du Bardo Tunis Tunisia

Gauntlets and Armor footwear, 13-15 century

Close helmet with mask visor, ca. 1515 Attributed to Kolman Helmschmid (German, 1471–1532) Augsburg, Germany Steel, embossed, etched, and gilt