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Made me Cry.. No need for thank yous. Things always come from my ♥, A Kind gesture, from others is the most special thing to me. Just sometimes one's own ♥ misses so much that they interpret things as something else by the way it's put. Kind gesture all keepsakes that I keep next to my ♥. There is always a 1st to have a keepsake like this, that will make you tear.

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Anne Lamott *this is the same woman who wrote the reading T & I had at our wedding. I appreciate her real, non-sugar-coated, take on life, as hard as that reality may be.

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beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears | edgar allen poe

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This is so true!! Loss doesn't leave. It changes and evolves but you are never over it. Why would you be when you love the one who was lost!!

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That explains a lot

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move on, move up

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.Washington Irving Quote - tears of unspeakable love.

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Took such a long time for me to get this.

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In life we do things. Some we wish we had never done. Some we wish we could replay a million times in our heads. But they all make us who we are, and in the end they shape every detail about us. If we were to reverse any of them we wouldn't be the person we are. So just live, make mistakes. Have wonderful memories. But never ever second guess who you are, where you have been, and most importantly where it is you're going.

Christopher Robin


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Awesome quote for our spouse as well as our children!

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- Mary Lou Kawnacki, also Mr Rogers' favorite quote

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love the fool in you

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I spent a lot of time searching for love in shallow places