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New Owners Looks To Revitalize Putnam County Cemetery - WCHS - ABC

Vintage West Virginia, "Old Man of the Canyon" Loved pointing this out everytime we passed it on Gauley Mtn.

West Virginia. One of the things I love most about West Virginia is how green it is. Good for the soul.

West Virginia State Police - 1920's

WAITING FOR THE BIG SLIDE! All eyes were on one muddy hillside in Charleston Friday night, with everyone waiting and watching for any signs of movement. It's been a game of wait and see all night, with the hillside being brilliantly illuminated by giant emergency lights on both si

Yeager Airport landslide 3-15

THIS IS HYSTERICAL! Jon Stewart Explains Why The West Virginia Chemical Spill Is So Messed Up - BuzzFeed News

▶ Federal Disaster Declared After West Virginia Chemical Spill -

Yankees please note that I DO NOT live at the beach!! That's VA not WV

West Virginia Proud

West Virginia Friends of Coal

West Virginia

West Virginia Chemical Spill: Several Hospitalized, 300,000 Without Water. My eyes felt like they were on fire the morning this happened.

A chemical spill into a West Virginia river has led to a tap water ban for up to 300,000 people, shut down bars and restaurants and led to a run on bottled water in some stores as people looked to stock up. The federal government joined West Virginia Gov We were given cases of water free for a month or more. Thank God for my friends because I had a broken leg and was in a wheelchair during all of this disaster. They brought me cases of water.

·West Virginia had the highest casualty rate per capita in the nation. There are 711 West Virginians on the Wall.

Hadad Riverfront Park

our capitaol

this says it all

Map of Virginia from 1850, 13 years before the "Rogue 55 Counties" seceded from the tyrannical and treasonous government in Richmond to form the new state of West Virginia.

Hadad River front Park March 2015 - we had ft. of snow, then ice, then flooding, then more snow. The water ended up being much higher than in this pic.