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  • Anne

    Chicken coop with storage for food & supplies.

  • Julia High

    Urban chicken coop

  • Mish Branam

    Where I found this Chicken Coop Dream Home

  • Luci Ayyat

    chicken house

  • Jenny Giroux-Cooper

    Chicken coup with a built in incubator. Brillant!

  • Country Girl

    Baby Chicken Chicken Coop

  • Cynthia Wells

    Okay, I've tried raising chickens before, but they all died. Heather Bullard's cute coop just makes me want to try, try again!!! Do you know why a chicken coop has only two doors? 'Cause if it had four, it'd be a sedan! BaDaBum!

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Beginners Guide to Keeping Chickens. This is such a great article and you will fall in love with the young girl in the teepee made from branches too. If you are thinking about having your own chickens or have them already, you will want to read this article.

When it comes to your chickens’ health, providing a safe, clean, predator-proof environment for your flock and making sure they have access to nutritious feed and fresh water go a long way.

make 2 separate areas, both with nesting boxes, to be able to separate mature birds from pullets and a separate area for a hen to raise her chicks........ sounds like I need 3 hen houses!!

Chicken Coop. My parents have one too, not quite as nice. They have Araucanas, which lay blue eggs. Great source of protein for long term emergency preparedness. You can store a year's worth of their food in a closet, and they are very quiet and nice, no smell, easy to care for.

'Chez Poulet' Chicken Coop via Heather Bullard

Whimsical chicken coop sitting on the corner of an industrial complex in Syosset NY.

One cute picture and suddenly I'm thinking about where to put a chicken coop...I pick up my chicks April 8, 2013!

Much larger than we'd need, but I love the drop down door for egg collecting and the storage on the side. Cute! My neighbors would think I built a playhouse :)