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pressure canning dry beans

Westin basically only ate beans after we found out he had his allergies, at least for the first year. He is starting to branch out a little now, and when I say little, I mean little, but beans are .

*****Canning Apples, Step by step instructions using a water bath canner. *****

Canning Apples is fun and and easy way to get started with home canning.

How to Can Beans: Tutorial (as always double-check the canning information to make sure that you use the correct methods, time, and pressure for your location -- your local extension service should be able to tell you this information)

How to Can Dry Beans

how to can dry beans. Dry beans are much less expensive. but canned beans are so handy to have on hand for quick meals.

Canning Dried Beans  Pinto, Black Beans, Navy Beans or other

Canning Dried Beans, pinto, black, navy and more.

Canned beans

Canning Dried Soaked Beans

Canning Dried Soaked Beans. Here is a step by step tutorial on canning Seasoned Beans. These beans can be used in any recipe that you use beans in.

Canned beans can cost up to 200% more than dry beans. Here's how to make them ahead in a crock pot and freeze them the use in the future.

Canned beans can cost up to more than dry beans. Here's how to cook them up in advance! I dislike canned beans, too much "chemical" in them, dried beans, easy to cook them in crock pot overnight!