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  • Red Bird

    home sweet home | treehouse dreamhouse

  • Amber Nedelec

    treehouse, HOME SWEET TREE HOME

  • Alice Machine

    Now that's what I call a treehouse. Or is it a lake house?

  • Kayla Cook

    Dream home

  • Laura Stafford

    tree house! yes! swiss family robinson, classic!

  • Ireado Tree House Designs, Create Your “Special” Kids Space More Attractive : Treehouse By The Lake Tree House Designs

  • Rheanon Medland

    Every dream house comes with a tree house!

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Judging from the size of my trees, this may need to be built for the birds. I think it's absolutely magical.

I need some sort of a manual so I can build myself a treehouse as awesome as this one!

To live in the trees, now that would be magical. - Black Eiffel

Looks like a spot just primed for all kinds of imagination and adventure! #treehouse #whimsy | Via Lunar Forest Nymph on Tumblr

You're here, and when you go through them, you're there. They're beautiful, meaningful or just fun. They're doors, roads, bridges, corridors, wardrobes, or event horizons. They're portals.

The Lettered Cottage Tree House. I just want to build one down by the river!

Back in time to childhood . . .and the land of treehouses and sky-high dreams

STORY STARTER: When our father took us to the treehouse he had just built,_______ and I stood speechlees, staring at the hideous structure before us. **Common Core State Standards: L.1, W.3, W.10, SL.4 (uses clauses/transitions/commas, writes routinely within time frames, uses adequate volume) Lesson link: (Photo source link provided below) Have longer lessons delivered to your inbox monthly by clicking

biggest tree house ever - Horace Burgess’s treehouse is located somewhere near Crossville, Tennessee and stands over 97-feet tall thanks to the 80-foot white oak tree it was built around which also happens to be about 12-feet in diameter at its base. It has 11 floors, somewhere in the neighborhood of 8,000 to 10,000 square feet, a miniature basketball court and is held together by roughly 258,000 nails.