Genko is a japanese tattoo artist, born in 1972 in central Japan. His style is an amazing mix between traditional japanese tattoo themes and manga/anime style.

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HOLY SH*T this guy does the best tattoo portraits I have ever seen! - They're so realistic to the point of being creepy!

Rose is my birth flower. The Chrysanthemum is November . Lampert Lampert Todd I'm liking your birth flower! You know, for the tattoo I will never get!

my star wars tribute!  Emil Edge Fish Eye ink, Sweden

OMG, Erica should never see this cause she would totally get a star wars tattoo! I don't even wanna put that thought in her head!

Classy Colorful Glass Antique Lantern Tattoo

This geometric Lantern tattoo by Marcin Aleksander Surowiec is fucking cool. Lightposts and lanterns are almost passe but this is terrific. Rather light one candle thancurse the darkness.