There are so many funny things here I'm not even sure which picture to use to represent this pin. Morning warm up fun - laugh, then rewrite the sign!

The 28 Most Ironic Things That Have Ever Happened...Some of these have to be staged, but look at #5 & #6! Bwahahahahaha!

Texting While Driving KILLS. For More Driving Tips, Text "Safety" To 79191... What were they thinking? 😄

Not sure what to make if this. I love the fact that it says high score though and the Back to the Future reference!

This sign: | 22 Signs That Demand An Explanation

Best sign EVER!!

This is me all the way!!!!


So Funny and True! Maybe that's why it's so funny..

I think this happened to me once upon a time(:


Go Madge!


As much time as you need ... ;)

Funny and yet not. I have lost so much time on this type of behavior.


Cat in the Hat Aging Humor Funny Sign in Gold - happy birthday to me

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