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    Detoxify Excess Estrogen Naturally

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      The secret lives of cows...Did you know cows have best friends? Find out more about these intelligent and gentle giants and why they deserve just as much kindness as other animals.

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      US Wellness Meats - I love how specific they are in their description. They are grass fed and grass finished; a lot of places try to sneak by saying their cows are grass fed but they aren't the entire time.

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      The secret lives of cows! Love this!!! (05.24.15)

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      Us Wellness Meats. Looooove their products!

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      The secret lives of cows

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    Estrogen dominance can be problematic and play a role in health conditions in women including PMS and breast/ovarian cancers. Dietary strategies that may help lower estrogen levels include minimizing soy intake, eating hormone-free meats, eating cruciferous vegetables, maintaining adequate fiber and increasing vitamin B6. Maintaining a healthy weight can help to prevent excess estrogen production. Fat cells secrete estrogen, so having excess fat on your body leads to elevated estrogen levels.

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    Did you know? 1-2 raw carrots a day can help detoxify excess estrogen in the colon? Excess estrogen (caused by protein malnutrition in the liver to allow proper detoxification of estrogen, or by a progesterone deficiency) mimics the effects of aging (accelerating aging), increases cancer risk, and decreases the body's ability to use oxygen?