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Pitch Tips -by Laura Brennan on the SheWrites blog. "If you get goosebumps, you’re on the right track."

from the Guardian

Anne Tyler: a life's work

Excellent long profile of Anne Tyler in The Guardian | "When she is happy with each section she types it up, then writes the whole manuscript out in longhand again. She then reads it into a tape-recorder to listen out for false notes or clumsiness. "You think a character would never say that, but you only know it when you only know it when you speak it out loud."

A Slow Books Manifesto - Maura Kelly in The Atlantic | "Why so much emphasis on what goes into our mouths, and so little on what goes into our minds?"

Nine Writers and Publicists Tell All About Readings and Book Tours - on The Awl | "Occasionally, the stars align and the event in question is deemed a success, or at least not a complete disaster. Here with advice, lessons learned as well as horror stories of readings and book tours"

So What Do You Do, Amanda Hocking, Author and Self-Publishing Powerhouse? -Mediabistro blog | "Call Hocking the darling of the DIY movement or the leader of the digital publishing revolution, but don't dare call her an overnight success."